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General Questions

Q.How are you able to give me unlimited storage space?
We at BleachDrive own a legitimate GSuite Super Admin Account and are therefore able to provide you this service at a low cost!
Q.What do I need to provide you with to get this service?
After contacting us and purchasing this service, we will either (1) Need your current Google Mail Address (Only the Email address, not the password to add you to our Team Drive). Once processed, you will be added to a dedicated Team Drive where only you can access the files and there's unlimited storage space. Or (2) we will create a new Google Mail Address for you with your desired custom username under our domain.
Q.Are these accounts cracked or stolen?
No! The accounts will be made fresh if you wish to, or your current Google Mail Address will receive access to the unlimited Google Drive storage space accessing our Team Drive.
Q.How does unlimited storage space work?
You will be able to import your files, pictures, videos, movies etc. to your Team Drive connected to our domain. There are no storage space limits. Import away!
Q.What other Google services am I able to use with my account?
You gain access to Google Mail, Drive, Photos, Vault, YouTube, Classroom and many more services!
Q.Is there any warranty for this service?
Yes, as long as the service still exists, your warranty will stand. However, BleachDrive does not warrant customers who have broken Google Drive’s uploading policies ex. CP.
Q.Wow! I’m highly interested in this service. What’s the price?
The current price of this service is €14.99. You will only pay ONCE. No monthly or annual costs. To proceed with your purchase, please head to the Contacts page.

Security- and technical concerns

Q.Will I be able to enable 2FA protection to my Drive?
Yes, 2FA protection is possible.
Q.Is the Data safe? Can you see my pictures and files?
We are not able to see any of your pictures nor are able to open any of your files. We however, are able to monetize what files are being uploaded, renamed, moved or deleted. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/585233056651280405/585235849847898112/v8THGPf.png?width=1443&height=663
Q.My account got flagged by Google because I uploaded items against Google’s ToS
Yes. There is a Data Transfer limit on 750 GB per day.
Q.I have an iPhone with Apple Cloud. Does that mean I can’t use Google Drive?
Of course you can use Google Drive on your iOS Device. Simply download the app from App Store and login with your account. It’s that simple!
Q.I’m still not sure if I can trust you.
We understand your privacy is important and therefore strive to be as transparent as possible. We’ve linked pictures below which shows what the Admin Panel looks like.

Payment Issues

Q.I just paid you and I haven’t received anything. What’s up?
Do not worry! We will deliver the service within 24 hrs. Sit tight, relax and meanwhile read the reviews of other customers like you in the thread to get excited.>
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